That’s it we are out….. Now what

Were out, now what?

Well that’s it, we voted out. The country has spoken and the decision has been made. The wheels will be set in motion for a Britain outside of the EU. These are exciting times and scary times all rolled into one. It is the unknown which worries me the most. For the whole of my 35 years on earth all I have known is being in the EU. That’s not to say that’s a good thing, who knows, we might be much better off out of it all. Just for the record I was in the remain camp, just trying to write an unbiased blog of things how I see them.

What I want to write about here is how this will affect us Type 1 diabetics, or at least our opinions of what will hapen.

Once the day of leaving is upon us what will change, nobody can really give any answers just yet.

A few things which spring to mind

How will it directly affect our diabetes?

Will the drugs company’s charge the NHS more for their products, meaning cutbacks and more restrictions on what treatment we have easy access to?

Will the NHS collapse around us?

If the NHS has to pay more for the drugs and technology we all rely on, could this be the straw that breaks the camals back?

What will happen to the Europeans working in the UK?

I have many friends who live, work and contribute to the UK economy. What will happen to these people who come from EU countries? I really hope sense prevails here, to me this one decision could collapse the NHS and affect the lives of so many people.

When will all of the European inspired rules and regs change?

The campaigns have all used this as a point of battle. All that EU red tape, all the silly rules. When will we be able to take the control back?

How will it affect the DVLA driving rules for diabetes?

As a T1D, one of my biggest fears is losing my licence due to a severe hypo. Now in 2018 the rules are changing anyway to rule out night time hypo’s, which are totally unrelated to driving anyway. This is a great step forward for us T1D’s, is that ruling safe or will dropping out of the EU affect this?

How will it affect how medical devices gain approval for use?

Medical companies develop their products and then push them to the market place, It makes business sense to get devices approved in the biggest markets first, i.e The US, Europe etc etc. If we are now out of the EU does this mean even more delays to us being able to get new tech approved, meaning even longer waits for us to be able to control our diabetes?

What happens to European Heath Insurance?

Does this mean that now when we are on our holidays in the EU zone, travel insurance will costs us T1D even more. When travelling out of the EU zone I have noticed my insurance is 20% approx. more expensive, is that going to be the same in Spain now

Those are just the first questions which came to me this morning, thats without all of the non diabetes related questions, which will affect everybody in the UK.

OutAs you can see by the massive amount of question marks in this blog post, last nights results have thrown up more questions than answers.

The answer to every question I can think of is ‘’ let’s wait and see’’

Not ideal but it is the choice we are left with, and with any luck in 5 years we will look back and think ‘’ Well done Britain, you made the right choice’’
That’s my hope anyway

Just my personal view on the event

European Union, we await a conclusion


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