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Whats this website all about then?

Having diabetes sucks, we all know it, but we all manage to put on a smile and crack on with life. That’s what we all need to do, hopefully, this website will help you on your way. Who knows you may even come to one of our meetups and make some new friends. This illness sucks but every cloud needs a silver lining, let’s paint the grey clouds with silver edges together.

I wanted to have a small corner of the Web where I can share my experiences and knowledge with others. Proud to have been included in the top 100 diabetic blogs by Feedspot, the top 25 diabetic blogs of 2017 by Fittous and the top 51 blogs of 2017 by Hardboiledbody. Thnaks to you all for the recognition, it really means a lot.

If just one person reads this site and learns something new which makes their life a bit easier or better then it would have been worth it.

The site is basically all things T1D and the lifestyle involved in hopefully having a long and healthy existence. I will be covering most topics ranging from day 1 diagnosis right through to the very latest in tech and equipment on offer for us. Regular updates for social meet-ups and events will be a big part of the page too. 

I also have a blog where I will put updates on life with T1 from time to time and pointers to new articles on the website. Everything on the site is on my blog in chronological order. Lots of sub headings for you to explore in the top menus too.




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