Bid For Bri

No matter how you dress it up, 26.2 miles is a bloody long way to run!! Bid for Bri and help me smash this.

Keeping Motivated On Race-day

I need to find a way of breaking the challenge down in to smaller chunks, something to take my mind off of the bigger picture, and I am hoping this is where you can help me out folks.

If each mile I had a focus, something to distract my mind whilst my legs just get on with the task in hand that might just work!!

This Is Where You Come In

So with this in mind I am auctioning each mile of my London Marathon 2019 journey.

You can dedicate your mile for anything you want to distract me with for the mile, a few ideas below

  • A memory we both share together
  • A loved one no longer with us
  • A story about how you know me
  • Something that motivates you in life
  • Your favourite meal
  • You dressed in a mankini
  • A tiger chasing me for the mile
  • What motivates you in life
  • Your hobby
  • Your story 
  • A drunken night out

The choice is yours folks, just give me a mile and a thought please.

You can do whatever you like with your mile, turn up and support me on the day at your mile, make me imagine you wearing a mankini for the mile if you really want too!! (considering some of the people I know this could be a mistake!!) just give me the motivation and distraction I need to smash this.  

How To Get Involved

You can just sponsor me if you prefer – Help Me

If you bid for a mile all I ask is for a little back story so as I tick the miles off on the big day I can think about your donation and your reason for sponsoring a mile. This will break the race down in to manageable chunks and keep me moving towards The Mall.

The auction is running from today until Sunday 10th March. 

Bidding for each mile starts at just £1 and the highest bidder wins it folks!! 

I will keep this page updated and try to let you know if you have been outbid.

If you are the lucky winner of the auction for your mile can I please ask that the money is paid to me by Sunday 17th March so I can get it all together and put to my fundraising page.

I will contact all winning bidders on Sunday 10th March to confirm.

If you wish to remain anonymous please let me know and I won’t put Anon. on your mile.

Bidding can be done by :-

MileBidder And MessageBid
1Ros and Tom£30
2Richard Allen£30
4Ann Marie Nicholson£20
5Tracey Harding
6Laura Kirkwood£26
7Tilly And David£50
8Joanne Rooke£20
9Rachel Abrahams£25
10Liz Wagner£25
11Carmela Hanley £20
12Jayne and Andy Lye£20
13Jo Farrow£25
14Dr Anna Dover£20
15DWED…… In memory of some truly awesome people£25
16Neil Abrahams£25
17Brian Day£25
18Irene – DSN Forum£30
19Hayley Case£20
20Brian Hoadley – This was my toughest mile
last year by far – This one is in honour of my Mum
21Angela Clark£21
22Toni Waghorn£20
23Sweder JDRF£30
24Ame Clark£20
25Helen Hoadley£30
26Tracey Harding£20

Many thanks for your support in this, it will genuinely help me get through the race.

Check out how my training is going ➡ here

For now

Take care and bid, bid, bid


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