London Marathon Training 2019 – Making Diabetes Run With Me

As you may know I am signed up to take on the London Marathon on 28th April 2019.I will be running for #teamRNIB again this year, any support you can offer me would be amazing. Help Me Smash My Target

When I ran this last year I had so much positive feedback from others living with diabetes. There was also lots of questions around how I trained for the marathon, what techniques I used to go from not running at all to running a marathon in less than a year. Zero To Marathon In 359 Days

This year I am going to make a series of videos, showing how T1D runs with me. Sharing this journey will hopefully help somebody, even if it helps one person it is worthwhile for me to do this.

4 Months 19 days To Go – Training Starts Now

Going in to training this time I am a lot more experienced of how my diabetes reacts to exercise. But as is everything with diabetes, no 2 days are the same, adding running into the mix certainly shows this!! Please use the links below to go to the videos for each week of my training, as and when they are live on Youtube I will update these pages.

Session 1 – Easy Run – 40 Minutes Easy

Session 2 – Gym Session/Cross Training – When Bloods Go Low

Session 3 – Interval Training – When Bloods Go High

Session 4 – The Long Run – Hydration And Fuel

Session 5 – Recovery Running 

Session 6 Interval Training – The Dreadmill

Session 7 – Long Run With Intervals Mixed in

Session 8 The Long Run With The Weather Against Me

Session 9 – Recovery Running On Xmas Eve – Low Blood Sugars

Session 10 – Hill Repeats On Boxing Day

Session 11 – The Fun Run – Why I Run

Session 12 – The Long Run And Insulin Needs

Session 13 – Raceday – Staplehurst 10 Mile Race And A New P.B

Session 14 – Olympic Park 10K – Race Practice Session

Session 15 – 17 Mile Long Run And Low Blood Sugars

Your Support Means The World

If anything in these videos has helped or inspired you in anyway please show your support by sponsoring me for my fundraising for The RNIB.

Please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up to date with all the latest videos as and when they go live.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about anything you see in my videos around diabetes and training.

For Now

Take Care, The Camera Is There


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