Day 1 To Day 10 On The Dexcom G6

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Well, I’ve been on the G6 now for 16 days, so thought I would do a quick look back over the 10 days of my first sensor. All opinions and views are from my own experience with the product. Have a look back at my unboxing thoughts  ➡ Here
I inserted the sensor at 5pm on Thursday 21st June. Insertion was a great improvement over the G5, nice and easy, pain-free and no scary needle looking at me. Waited 2 hours for the warm-up, first reading of 2.7 and flat, fingerprick(FP from here onwards) read 3.3, I’ll take that for an accurate start, especially at the lower end of range.
A Low But Accurate Start

Day 1 – Friday 22nd June

Overnight Dex was already worth it’s weight in gold by waking me for a 3.1 hypo. Numbers upon waking G6 12.1 FP 12.7
Pretty uneventful day, no exercise on a Friday for me. 

Day 2 – Parkrun Day (Formally Saturday) 23rd June

First time out for a run with G6, and…… no complaints here. It maintained accuracy when checked, and more importantly no loss of readings. I found G5 would often drop signal when exercising, no such issues here. Adhesive already peeling round edges I notice.

Day 3 – Sunday 24th June

Long run Sunday, up early at 6 am for a 21km run, in 24-degree heat. G6 9.2 FP 9.3, accuracy still on the money, with no calibration. Ran 21km, no loss of signal and nice consistent I often found with G5 dehydration would cause issues, I ran for 21km in the heat and only took on minimal water (not a good idea, I know) but G6 didn’t mind.


Day 4 – Monday 25th June

The first time that the ”urgent low soon” alarm has gone off, and I like that. This stopped me having a 3 am hypo before it happened. Accuracy G6 7.1 FP 6.8
Had a day of many hypo’s and Dex alerted me each time and was accurate each time I checked. Good to see it perform well when at the lower end of the spectrum.

Day 5 – Tuesday 26th June

Had to tape sensor down today, it was going to fall off if I didn’t. For a sensor which should stay put for 10 days, I think Dexcom need to supply an over tape if adhesion is going to be an issue. To be fair though the weather has been unusually hot and I had run over 40km since putting the sensor on. Accuracy still more than acceptable G6 4.8 FP 4.5 

Day 6 – Wednesday 27th June

A takeaway last night put the G6 through its paces at the higher end of things overnight!! Accuracy was still pretty good G6 13.6 FP 13.1

That Takeaway……Was Worth It

Day 7 – Thursday 28th June

Gym night tonight, this was always going to be a sweaty mess!! Dex saved me from a fairly hefty hypo midway through my gym session though, the ”urgent low soon” alarm is a great addition to the G6. Accuracy still what I want to see G6 6.4 FP 6.1
I’m now at the point where I have faith in the tech and will dose off of it without hesitation

Day 8 – Friday 29th June

I thought since it is sunny and Friday I should, in the name of testing, try the G6 when alcohol is around 🙂 So after a few (self-measured :)) G & T’s and some tasty takeaway (again!!), the accuracy was……. bang on, seeing a theme here!! G6 11.2 FP 10.7

Day 9 Saturday 30th June

No Parkrun today 🙁 But on a positive note I was one of the speakers at the Medway T1D Sports and Exercise event. There was lots of interest in the G6 from PWD attending the conference.

T1D Sports And Exercise – Amanda Epps
My First Go At Public Speaking
I was very thankful to be wearing CGM at this event, I had no idea of how nerves were going to play a part in my numbers that day. Having the safety blanket of CGM was very welcome. G6 6.6 FP 6.0  A Great Day

Day 10 Sunday 1st July – Last Day:(

Well up till today things had gone pretty well to be fair. Another long run Sunday, and this week another 21k run, but even hotter than the week before. By now I had managed to get my Dex readings to upload to my Nightscout site, which meant I was back in the game with my B.S numbers on my Garmin. And using that I managed to fuel my run with glucose and run the whole thing holding my blood sugars between 5 and 7 throughout, despite the heat.
Sadly at around 11am I had my first issue, Dex lost connection and was showing ”Sensor Error” please wait… So after 3 hours of waiting it came back to life, not great. All in all, though I can’t complain really, 10 almost trouble-free days is a pretty good start from a new product.
I am now on sensor number 2, and so far so good. No real issues apart from I’ve had to overtape again, on day 3 this time. Maybe I’m being over-cautious with this but I don’t want a good sensor falling off.
I will blog further in the coming weeks, I’ve got The British 10K race on 15th July, we’ll see how the Dex holds up in race conditions…… Well I’m hoping lol


For now
Take Care, Summer Is Here

5 thoughts on “Day 1 To Day 10 On The Dexcom G6

  • Paul Gray

    this is almost exactly the same as my experience – I have had mne on 9 days now, and the accuracy is great!!! Long may it continue… I am going to try extending my sensor beyond the 10 days, but don’t expect accuracy to be as good when manually calibrating..

  • Jonathan Strait

    Thank you for this blog and all the info! I’m an avid runner and about to get my first CGM. (LADA T1) Sounds like this is a winner, guess I lucked out with the timing. 😉

  • Mark J

    Been type 1for 41 years. G6 is my first full time gym; wore ones for 2 weeks in past so new endocrinologist could see how I was doing. Flatter sensor/trans and iPhone app make this one worth a test. Disappointed with accuracy. Have had to do more sticks than ever and the g6 is almost always 15-25% off. And the fluid reading lags blood glucose levels, so alarms kept going off well after bs was in range. Fixed by turning off all but the extreme ones. But seeing the flat overnight line is great even if the absolute number is off which it has been the first 7 days of use.

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