First DUK local meet up

Attended my first local DUK group last night, the Bexley branch.

➡ Bexley Diabetes UK 

I was curious to see if these meetings were very formal and structured or more informal and fun like the T1 meetups in London.

As a first timer it was nice to meet new faces and local ones at that. Great to catch up with Lesley from Input as well, great presentation thanks for all you guys do.

 ➡ Input Diabetes website

input diabetes
Great to see Input spreading the word

Was great to meet some other type ones. Good luck to Roger and Ben in your ventures with the Freestyle Libre.

I was shocked at the number of people who didn’t know about how pump therapy works, CGM’s, what is a good diet for diabetics and most of all the lack of understanding about how type 1 differs from type 2.
Been thinking about why this might be and have come up with a theory. I would guess that 95% of the attendees last night were not part of the DOC. This could be down to a generation issue, not having access to, or knowledge of the Internet maybe the reason.
If we could get more attendees of DUK meet ups to get involved online I really think this could help make a difference.
I would say nearly all of my knowledge of T1 comes from my own research and DOC. That and meeting with other PWD, another great thing that should be encouraged.
All in all it was a nice evening and I will definitely be doing some more work with the group here, and will try to get people involved in the DOC, certain this will help so many people.

If you have never been to your local meet ups then go along, get involved and spread the word about how great a resource the DOC are

Take care and get involved there



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