Move With Vitality Move And Diabetes UK

Vitality Move – Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Running Festival

If you follow me on Social Media there is a pretty good chance you would have heard about Vitality Move by now. I am lucky enough to have been asked to represent Diabetes UK at this year’s event in Windsor on the 17th September. The fact that Diabetes UK is the main charity partner for the event is awesome news for people with diabetes.

It is great to see an icon, such as Jess, putting these events on.

That Day In 2012 – A Legend

To have an Olympic legend behind an event supporting Diabetes UK is amazing. Jess and her achievements are an inspiration to so many people, myself included.

There will be more about how you can get involved at the event with Diabetes UK and T1D London Meetups in the next couple of weeks. You might want to dig out those old running shoes!!

What, Where And When?

For those of you that haven’t heard of it yet, it is a running festival, hosted by Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. The aim is to help everybody move more.

There are 2 events, one in Chatsworth (Sunday 9th July) and one in Windsor (Sunday 17th September). Diabetes UK is the official charity partner for both events. It is a festival for all the family with running and music at its heart. A chance to make a change for the better in your life and get active. In the process, we can all raise some funds for diabetes UK.

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This is a great opportunity to bust the myth that diabetes is a barrier to exercise and keeping active. I am really hoping to see lots of people with diabetes and their families taking part on the day.

Do You Need To Be An Athlete?

Well since I am taking part, I am guessing the answer here is a firm ”NO” πŸ™‚

The events are aimed to be fun and family orientated, with the added bonus that we all move more.

On the day there will be activities and events for all the family to get involved with as well as running events of varying lengths. 1-mile fun runs, family relays all along with the traditional 5K and 10K events. Music, entertainment and a β€˜Sports Zone’ will all make this event special, and so much more than just a running event.

All day long there will be music played by the great Mr Trevor Nelson, a DJ who for people of a certain age is a legend. Music and running go hand in hand, nothing gets you moving like your favourite running songs! 

You can vote for your favourite running track  ➑ Here

Move More And Have Fun On The Way

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes and the work Diabetes UK does for all people with diabetes. Also personally it is a chance to show that having Diabetes does not have to be a barrier to fitness and exercise.

No condition should hold us back from living life to the full, that’s the important message here. Being active and moving more in your day-to-day life is great advice for everybody, whether you have diabetes or not. 

I’m looking forward to blogging about my journey from couch to 5K 10K in the coming months. All the highs, and many lows that will be encountered along the way too.

Special thanks to Jess and Vitality Move for putting the event on. Thank you too to Amy and Laura for all the help and support so far πŸ™‚


For now

Take care, hope to see you there


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