Picnic in the park – It was great

How many diabetics does it take to make a picnic in the park?

A park and 50 T1D’s, sounds like a great afternoon. The picnic in Regents Park was a massive success. We saw people coming from all over the country for this, well done to everybody who made the effort. People came from Brighton, Southampton and even as far afield as Newcastle!! This was by far the biggest event the T1D London meetups group has put on, not to mention the best one too. An afternoon in the sun, in the park, in London, what could be better
The weather all week was looking ominous but it managed to hold out for us, all barring one little rain shower, didn’t dampen the spirits though.
A big well done to everybody who made/bought food to share, really made the day special to tuck into all sorts of foods, many talented bakers are amongst us it seems.
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Thanks to Aoife for the many jugs of Pimms she expertly prepared, although it turns out, Pimms gives me a hangover, who knew!!

What makes these events special?

These events really are a great way to meet others and just feel normal for an afternoon. To look around and think that every single other person here is also looking at their plate of food and doing about 100 calculations in their head, working out how much insulin, whats the carb count, is it high in fat, are the carbs low GI etc etc. It is nice to just feel part of the same thing as all these others, rather than being the only person in the room who has this to deal with.
I think peer support is one of the most underused therapy’s, and somehow the NHS should be trying to encourage this type of thing. I would not want the NHS to make them too structured though, just informal and fun, that is key to the success of these events.
Big thanks to Ewelina for all the time and effort you put into arranging these events, there must be an award we can nominate you for!
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and look forward to the next one, which will be announced in August so keep an eye open on the group
If you want to get involved please do join our ➡ Facebook group
Take care and thanks for being there

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