Welcome to my world

Welcome to my first ever blog post, thanks for stopping by to have a look

I am Brian, a type one diabetic, presently on MDI and in fairly good control, hoping to become a pumper in the coming months.

This is my first venture into the world of websites and blogging, I welcome you all.

I am very active on social media with regards diabetes, insulin, low carb, diabetes tech etc, I am also active on the diabetes.co.uk forums

The main aim of my website is to share experiences with other type ones, share the knowledge I have gained, expand our social interactivity and to arrange meet ups with other people who really understand what we go through, i.e each other.

Myself and some friends organise social meet ups for other type one diabetics in Central London, usually at least once every couple of months, if you would like to join our group on facebook please feel free, I am an admin on there so will keep an eye out for you. Our next event is just a few weeks away now, 2nd July to be exact, I will be doing a blog in the coming days regards this, in the meantime if you would like to join our group the link is

Welcome to My world

I have put a blog catagory in the menu where I will put blog type posts. I have lots of interesting topics and views to discuss with you all, ranging from newly diagnosed tips and tricks right through the whole spectrum of living with a life changing illness, in my case changing life for the better

For now,

Take care and comb your hair


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