Diabetes burnout, could tech make it worse?

What is diabetes burnout

Diabetes burnout is the term given to the state of disillusion, frustration and somewhat submission to the condition of diabetes.

This is a common occurrence for many diabetics, myself included. Some days it’s just all a bit too much, all the numbers, all the carb counting, the swinging blood sugars, just the whole palava of being a type one diabetic.

It’s at times like these I take it all back to basics, no bells or whistles just the essential numbers.

Does tech make burnout more likely?

Freestyle Libre, Dexcom G4, Dexcom G5, Enlights, Freestyle Navigator, Guardian Real Time,  the amount of tech we have at our fingertips is amazing. All of the above are such a massive help in controlling our diabetes. Life before all of this tech was very much different.
But does all this tech mean we are too obsessed with the numbers, increasing the likelihood of burnout occurring?

Some days it’s all too much

All this tech is, 99% of the time, a positive thing.
Some days though it would be nice to just switch it all off and go back to basics.
I find that knowing the numbers all the time is a fast track route to diabetes burnout.
In the scheme of life does it really matter if my bloods spike up to 15 after a carb heavy meal, no it doesn’t really. When I have no tech attached I am blissfully unaware that the pizza I ate earlier has caused a delayed spike, and some times I would sooner not know.
I find I can enjoy my life and stay healthy with the occasional treat, the last thing I want at that point in time is a constant readout of my blood sugar levels.
Seeing a huge spike on a graph makes you feel like you have been bad or done something wrong. That is not the case, it’s just life.
As such I make sure to take a conscious break from the CGM data. I like to go right back to basics. Test upon waking, before meals and 4 hours after meals.
That’s it, just the basics, as long as these numbers are controlled and within your set range, you won’t be going too far wrong. If these numbers start to go array then I get straight back to the technology and get my diabetes back on track asap.

Benefits of using the tech

  • Basal testing
  • Control of BS spikes after meals
  • Timing of bolus injection
  • Duration of bolus
  • Overnight hypo detection
  • Allows tighter control


  • Costs
  • Still have to prick fingers anyway
  • High risk of diabetes burnout – too much data can be a bad thing
  • Can be demotivating
  • Tech failures/Calibration issues
  • Can make you feel a failure if control is bad or erratic
  • Can be a cause of anxiety

Burnout can get anybody at anytime

All in all tech is a great thing and I for one am very grateful for it. I have tightened my control massively since using some of the tech mentioned in this blog, and I see it getting even better when I start pumping later this year.
However sometimes I just need a bit of timeout from the constant stream of data.
I feel these periods of timeout are preventing me from getting diabetes burnout.
If you are feeling that diabetes is all too much to deal with, have a think.
Are you using tech?
Would a small break help you?
Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please comment on this blog with any thoughts and opinions.
For now
Take care, mind the burnout mare
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