Other great bloggers

Blogging is such a great release for me. Before becoming a blogger I have spent hundreds of hours reading other people’s blogs.

A few of the very best are linked below, please have a look when you have a moment

Cerebral Palsy Guidance – A great website aimed at helping the parents of children with Cerebral Palsy, a possible side effect of diabetes during pregnancy

Diabeticgoodbaking– Amazing website by my great friend Ewelina, a super talented low carb type one baker

Discombobulated Diabetic – Niki has a great blog and is a bit of a Twitter legend

Diabetes Geek – Great blog from Amber, type 1 diabetic, and very amusing on Twitter

Ninjabetic – Laura is a fantastic blogger and vlogger, very knowledgeable

Thetangerinediabetic – Great blog from Dave, also an avid Twitterer

Bloodsugar Trampoline – Great site with many great pages

Pumptasticscot – Nice blog by Alyssa about day-to-day life with T1D

Circlesofblue – Great blog with loads of info on Tech, CGM, pumps, xdrip etc

Thriveabetes – Great site based in Ireland

Adrian Long’s Blog – A great blog about various things, including diabetes. Adrian is the go-to man for Freestyle Libre advice – Valued member of the GBdoc

Everyday ups and downs – A great blog on day-to-day life with T1D

Diabetics with eating disorders – A great website and blog on an interesting and under-discussed subject

My Bitter Sweet Life – A great blog from a fellow type one

Diabetes support forum UK – A great resource covering a vast range of topics related to the diabetic life.



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