Employment Never Looked So Tempting

Once In A Lifetime Employment

If diabetes was an employment the job description would certainly make for interesting reading. It is certainly not a job I would have applied for, the working hours leave a lot to be desired and the pay is terrible.
Now I have taken on the role of a professional pancreas it is too late, there is no handing my notice in and looking for something else to do.

​Let’s See What’s On Offer Then

The job description really sells the position for any employment, if only we had been given the chance to turn this one down.

See the official terms of employment below, would you put your name in the hat for this chance of a full on career, I think not!!

Have You Got What It Takes?

As you can see the amount of work required for the personal return is very weighted in one direction. The EU working regulations certainly do not apply to this position, although in a couple of years this could be the norm!
Would you fancy having a go at this once in a lifetime opportunity? Thought not!
The only thing to do if you find yourself working in this job role is to look for the positives in the situation! ​At least it comes with membership to some pretty special clubs.
Have a look back at my thank you letter to my employers  ➡ Thank You 
For now
Take care, Diabetes is always there

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