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Thank You 🙂

Thank you, it’s only two words but I was raised to always remember my P’s & Q’s. As such I thought diabetes needed a reminder of some of the things it gives me to be thankful for, hope you enjoy.



Thank You Letter To Diabetes




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Dear Diabetes

I am sure you are wondering why I am writing to you today, I bet you don’t get much fan mail after all. 

The reasons behind my letter to you are quite simple, I just wanted to take the chance to thank you personally for all you have done for me since we met in 2014.

Being able to help others is a real honour. An honour that being with you 24/7 for the past three years has nurtured. Without all of the challenges, you kindly put my way, I wouldn’t have the experience I do to share with others, who are struggling to get to know you. For this, I thank you Diabetes.

As you know before we met you wouldn’t have me walking 10 miles through London for the fun of it. Having you in my life has given me the focus I need to give some time and effort into charity work. For this alone many people will be grateful, thank you Diabetes.

Having the confidence to go and meet new people. I would not have dared to travel into the capital city and venture into a room full of strangers on my own before I met you. You see we all love having you as a friend so much, we have meetups just to talk about how ”great” you are. The confidence gained from having you as a mutual friend of so many other great people has been inspiring, and for this Diabetes, I thank you. 

Using my Facebook and Twitter accounts for a real purpose, rather than sharing pictures of animals doing funny things. Now I can use it to help arrange meetups with some of your other acquaintances. (Apologies for never inviting you to our get together’s, but in all honesty, it’s best you don’t come along). So for making me use social media for a purpose, I thank you Diabetes.

For making friends out of strangers I will be forever grateful. Without you being such a common denominator there are so many awesome people, which I now see as friends, who I would never have met. For being such a good ice breaker, I thank you Diabetes.

Introducing me to the world of blogging is one of your biggest achievements. Before I knew you I didn’t have a passion for basing a blog upon. You have given me an endless supply of inspiring ideas and topics to discuss with others. For being so in-depth, I thank you Diabetes.

For making me more active I have to give you some credit. You see before we met I had become a bit lazy with exercise. Having you in my life has spurred me on to do more exercise and keep myself healthier. Thank you Diabetes for being such a motivator to get me to the gym once again.

For teaching me the mathematical skills Carol Voderman would be proud of. The daily challenge of dividing the number of carbohydrates in my food by my insulin ratio to work out an accurate dose really keeps the grey matter in top form.  So for this, I thank you Diabetes.

I don’t want to end my letter on a bad note but need to just let you know a couple of things. I think that what you are doing to so many other people who have to live with you every day is awful. You try to grind them down. They just start to deal with your ways then you go and move the goal posts. It really isn’t fair, still don’t get all down hearted there are plenty of other people, just like me, who are there to offer help and support to them, when you start playing up.

Hope my letter of thanks has made your day.




Count your blessings

Find A Positive And Grab It With Both Hands

When times get tough with your diabetes just take five minutes. Have a good think about what areas of your life having this has made better, I’m sure on a down day this will be a challenge, but I bet there are a few things to be appreciative of. 

Let me know what diabetic ”blessings” are in your life



For now

Take care, be thankful it’s there








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