Help!! Newly Diagnosed Type one – The Jargon

Help for the newly diagnosed

Help!! You’re newly diagnosed and its hard enough without not knowing all the jargon and lingo, why would you if you’re not diabetic

When diagnosed with T1D I went straight on-line to research as much as my little brain could cope with.

The first thing I noticed was all the different jargon people were using, MDI, Pumper, Basal, Bolus, DSN, Endo the list seemed endless and I didn’t know what any of them meant. I found I was spending as much time googling their meanings as I was learning about the big ‘’D’’
What I really needed was somewhere that listed them all out and explained them a bit, well I couldn’t find it online.

Welcome to my solution to that problem for all the newly diagnosed people and even for long term Type ones who are new to Social media, Twitter is the world’s worst for an abbreviation!!

  • T1D – Type one diabetic
  • DX – Diagnosis
  • MDI – Multiple Daily Injections
  • Basal/Bolus – a regime of MDI where you take background insulin and quick acting insulin throughout the day
  • Twice daily – a regime where you take mixed insulin twice a day
  • Basal – Long acting background insulins
  • Bolus – Quick acting insulins
  • IPT – Insulin pump therapy
  • Pumper – A person who is on insulin pump therapy instead of injections
  • HCP -health care professional
  • DSN – Diabetes specialist nurse
  • Endo – endocrinologist, can see why they shorten this one, this will be the specialist Doctor you see every 3,6 or 12 months
  • BS – Blood sugar level
  • Hypo – when your BS are too low
  • Hyper – when your BS are too high
  • DKA – Diabetic ketoacidosis is a potentially life-threatening complication in people with diabetes, caused by lack of insulin and ketones being present
  • Ketones – by product of the body, produced when the body fuels itself from fat stores rather than carbohydrates
  • HBa1C – The result of your average blood-sugars over the past 3 months, determined by blood testing
  • DAFNE – NHS funded education course for Type ones, Dose adjustment for normal eating to give it its full name
  • Diasend – great website for blood glucose management
  • Carbs and Cals – Very good reference book and mobile phone app for Carb counting
  • PWD – People with diabetes
  • Low Carb – A lifestyle where you limit your intake of carbohydrates to improve blood-sugar levels
  • CGM – continuous glucose monitor
  • Dex – Dexcom CGM system
  • FGM – Flash glucose monitor
  • Libre – Freestyle Libre FGM system
  • #DOC – diabetes on-line community
  • #GBDOC – diabetes on-line community in Great Britain
  • Tweetchat – This is a twitter specific event, where a host asks questions followed by a hashtag, then all of the diabetic community respond finishing tweets with the same hashtag. This then is like a rolling feed, similar to all having a chat in the pub, but online
  • #BGBingo – an awesome game played during GBDOC tweetchats, simple but incredibly competitive/addictive
  • Snaccident – accidental eating of a full sized chocolate bar entirely by mistake

Please keep checking back as this will be an ever expanding list

I will also be blogging further about some of the topics above, as and when I do I will put links on this page to the new blogs relavent

Feel free to share this page around your social media groups to help other newcomers to the special club

Take care and mind the deck chair




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