Project Blue November – Days 1 to 15


Project Blue November is an American based website. These guys are running a month long bit of fun  on Instagram. The basic premise is

 ”Let’s challenge ourselves to post a pic a day in November.  Make sure to use the suggested # and also tag #projectbluenovember

 As I am sure you all know, unless you are a social media recluse, November is Diabetes Awareness Month(bit of an American thing doing the whole month). The 14th November was World Diabetes Day, it was great to speak with others from all over the world with diabetes via the medium of Twitter. I must of made a good impression as I gained over 40 new followers  😆 

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Well that’s the topics, have a look below to see how I have been doing with the project.

Day 1 – Family

Family support is a huge part of dealing with Diabetes, everyday these are the people who put up with the highs and lows of being a type 1. My wife is my rock where most things in life are concerned, diabetes included, so am saving that pic for another subject 😀 As my family probably wouldn’t appreciate being splashed all over Instagram I went with my ”Diabetic Family” instead, a few of the good friends having type one has bought into my life via the ➡ T1D London Meetups 

Diabetic Family

Day 2 – Memories

Over the past year I have made some great memories, some with diabuddies and some with family, snapshots below.

Memories of the past year

Day 3 – Vacation (That’s holibobs to us Brits)

The one time of year we all work towards, much deserved rest and relaxation – Check out how I deal with my diabetes when abroad  ➡  Here

Holidays 2016

Day 4 – Wear Your Blue Friday

Fridays are wear it blue day, all for Diabetes.

Blue in a black and white world

Day 5 – Change Your Lancet

This is a controversial one, my lancet had at least another month left in it before it needed changing! The project made me do this!

What’s this change you speak of?

Day 6 – Selfie

Come on, we all love a selfie, right??

It’s Me 🙂

Day 7 – Inspiration

My inspiration for keeping the big ”D” under control comes from others. Seeing other people in control, living a great life – inspires me to do the same. Peer support is an underused inspirational tool for living with diabetes.

Be inspired by the success of others

Day 8 – Circles

The symbol for diabetes is, as you all know, the blue circle. A few circles from life in order here me thinks.

You spin me round, round

Day 9 – Advocacy project (My birthday and pump start day 😎 )

Diabetes advocates come in many forms these days, social media is a big part of this, as are peers. A few of the best are pictured here.

A few of the online advocates

Day 10 – Diabetes Books

We all need to learn stuff somewhere, a few of my go to books. If you are on an insulin pump the book ”Pumping Insulin” should be like your Bible. 

➡ Pumping Insulin

Websites are like books too 🙂

Day 11 – It’s Friday again, Wear it blue

Also Armistice  day, a nod to the heroes in my picture today.

Wear it Blue and Never Forget
Wear it Blue and Never Forget

Day 12 – What’s Your Blood Sugar

Anybody who knows the GBdoc is aware of the BG Bingo game, played every Wednesday, pictures were not in short supply here –  ➡ GBdoc

Anybody for a game of Bingo

Day 13 – How Many Carbs On Your Plate?

I am not a massive low carb-er, medium carb would be more accurate. I am lucky to have a wife who is a pretty awesome cook, some of Mrs Type1Bri’s creations here.

Low carb you say

Day 14 – Hands Of Hope

Diabetes awareness day is upon us at last!! Had so many great Tweetchats with other type 1’s from all over the globe today. The medal in picture is the 50 years living with Diabetes medal, took the pic at a JDRF event recently – ➡ Read about it

Hands of hope

Day 15 – Supplies

Some people say that diabetics hoard their supplies, I like to call it being prepared!

Supplies for life


That’s the first half of diabetes month all done and dusted.

Part 2 for days 16 to 30 –  ➡ Here

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For now

Take care, do diabetes month with flair



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