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Timesulin replacement pen caps

Where have I put my keys?, Did I switch the oven off?, Is the back door locked? 

We have all been there, those little mundane things in life which niggle our brains each day. Most of these little things are not that important in the scheme of things really. Imagine if your niggle was

”Did I take that injection which keeps me alive?”

All of a sudden it is quite a bit more important. If you haven’t taken it then your blood sugars are in for a rough ride in a few hours time. If you have taken it and you forget, then take it again, well that could spell big problems pretty quickly. That’s where this great device comes in handy.

What is it?

Timesulin is a replacement cap for insulin pens with a built-in timer. The timer automatically starts counting when you replace the cap, showing to the second the last time you injected your insulin.

Simple by design, helpful in life

What pens does it fit?

Timesulin caps fit onto all the major brands of insulin pen, check out the full list  ➡ Here

This system is only available for the disposable pre-filled insulin pens. Some cartridge pens already have a counter built in the end of the pen. However this is often very small and hard to see if vision is an issue for you.

Shown on my Flexpen

How does it work?

Simplicity really is the key here. Timesulin is developed by a type 1 diabetic and it shows. We have enough gizmos, gadgets and alarms in our life, we really don’t need any more. This has been designed to just fit in with our daily lives. It simply replaces the lid on your old pen. No programming or any input is required to make this product work. When the lid is removed it resets the timer and starts counting again, showing exactly how long since your last injection.

What if I take the lid off but don’t inject?

You might want to take the lid off, to check how much insulin you have left for example. Well they have thought of that, there is an 8 second delay before the counter resets.

How long does it last?

The manufacturer guarantees a one year battery life on this product. Sometimes users are finding they last longer, would really depend on how much you use it. For me I only used it on my basal insulin, so only removed it once per day. If using on bolus insulin and taking it off 5 or 6 times a day this could effect the battery life.

Pros and Cons

So in summary the pros are

  • No more anxiety over if you injected or not
  • Eliminates risk of missing a dose and ending up with hyperglycemia
  • Prevents taking a double dose and going into a hypo
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • No setup is required for using the product
  • You don’t have to change your routine, simply replaces the lid on your current pen
  • Gives an accurate time since last injection, handy for your basal timings

And the cons

  • Makes you pen quite bulky
  • Only lasts for one year
  • Quite expensive

My Opinion

I feel this is a great product if you do have memory problems or are finding you often can’t remember taking your insulin. I only found it was my nighttime basal insulin I was having trouble remembering, and that is where I used this product. It was reassuring on many occasions to know exactly how long ago I took my basal, the product worked well. As a younger diabetic I do use a lot of technology in my diabetes care. Each piece of tech comes with its own set of issues. The simplicity of this product I think will appeal to the older generation more than the younger people. That is still a big market and I feel this product is a valuable addition to many diabetics lives.

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For now

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I was sent this product to trial and provide honest feedback. No payment was offered or received for this article and all content is my own, honest, work.


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