Theresa May, T1D at the top

Theresa May gets the top job

Theresa May has got the job. We will be having the first world leader with Type one diabetes.

Much has been made in the press about Mrs May being only the 2nd Woman Prime Minister ever. I am more happy that the highest profile job in the country has gone to a fellow T1D.

This will improve T1D care – dont hold your breath

There is much buzz on social media about how this will improve healthcare for T1D’s. I do not buy into that for one second. Sure Theresa will have the same issues we all have, high BS, low BS, feeling groggy, constantly carb counting everything, the list is endless. She wont suffer as much as we have to though, don’t worry about that.

I can see one huge difference between Theresa May and us mere mortals, that is power. She will not have to wait 2 weeks to see her GP, only see an endo every 6 months, be fighting an uphill battle with the CCG to get funding for a pump, having to worry about how to fund her CGM. In fact anything she needs she will get straight away, just the way the world is I guess.

I bet that she hasn’t had to work extra hours just to be able to afford to run a CGM!!

I am not writing this blog to just moan that its not fair blah blah, just wanted to get my take on things out there.

T1D and the media

The press have already started to mention her diabetes, and for us this will only be a good thing. This will hopefully raise awareness about the huge difference between Type one and Type two diabetes. One of my biggest bug bears with having T1D is the comments you get everyday, you all know the ones I mean


” You dont look diabetic”

” Is that the bad type?”

” Is it because you had a sweet tooth?”

” But you are skinny for a diabetic”

I won’t go on, this list is endless. If having Mrs May in the top job means the press will have to actually report the difference between the types, then I for one will be happy.







As for her skills as a PM, well that remains to be seen.

Personally I wish her all the best in the role and fingers crossed she never has a hypo in Parliament. The press would have a field day!!


Take care and she will be better than Blair




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